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100 years later, Einstein’s gravitational waves theories proved!

The sound of the space-time continuum startled everybody as several scientists found evidence to support the gravitational waves stated first by Einstein. This has now paved the way to a new scientific research that would revolve around the same theories. 

The first time Albert Einstein discovered these gravitational waves back in the year 1916 and this was all part of the famous theory of relativity. And now, years and years after Einstein, the present day scientists have finally found solid evidence that proves Einstein right. The cosmic symphony has now created a buzz in the world of astrophysics and is now the talk of the town. Astrophysict Szabolcs Márka, has proclaimed that the skies will never be the same after this phenomenal proof that approves the presence of gravitational waves.

It was in 1915, when Albert Einstein asserted his theory of how space-time continuum is continuously distorted by anything with mass. It’s due to this very continual distortion that there is existence of gravity.

Einstein explained this by giving instances of how with any distortion present in the cosmos, for instance the collision of black holes can affect the space-time continuum. It all happens without our knowledge and it could be associated with the ripples of the trampoline. They are there, but, barely prominent enough to catch our attention. They could be nearly undetectable, but they are truly present, is what the present day scientists declare.

This theory was also nearly proved by Eddington in the year 1919 when it was discovered that the light from the stars bent as it made its way around the sun and when this theory was proved, the gravitational waves due to the distortion in the space-time continuum was also closely proved.

The discovery of this was made on Thursday at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) center. When the instruments detected the presence of these waves, the scientists were too astounded to believe. It’s taken 100 years to prove Einstein’s theory, but the process was truly worth it.

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