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12 Tips To Play Pokemon GO Effectively

The internet is swamped with players who are going bonkers over playing Pokemon GO, running amok to catch their Pokemons. If you want to excel in the game, here are the tips and tricks that you should know which are collectively gathered from the non-stop players.

Hunt in pairs: Each and very person in your area can catch the Pokemon because when it appears, it appears for everyone. So, if you hunt in pairs, it will be fun to banter with your neighborhood and you can also cover more ground as possible.

Visit parks with multiple Pokestops: You have the advantage of finding a lot of Pokemons just about anywhere if you go to a populated area. Yes cities are preferred first, but we insist parks – parks with any form of water bodies present. For catching different types of Pokemons with ultimate experience, the parks with more than two or more Pokestops will be convinced that even if you run out of Pokeballs you can buy them while hunting.

Safe hunts at night: Follow the first point, at nights, but make sure you tick to well lit areas in pairs to catch the pokemons. The Pokemons which you wouldn’t be able to find in day time might have a lot of probabilities to appear at nights.

Try Parking lots: Addictive players’ observation is, for some reason, the Pokemons seem to be spawning near parking lots, near Pokestops next to parking lots. Explore your luck there as well as near gas stations.

Turn off AR to catch Pokemons: Honestly, Augmented Reality (AR) mode can make it difficult to catch a Pokemon. The device will be steady and ready before you catch a Pokemon, but turn the AR off before you throw the ball at the Pokemon. You can turn it back on after you have caught the Pokemon.

Don’t fret if the app crushes: Since the servers are loaded up, sometimes your game can crash at a point where you throw the ball to catch a Pokemon. Don’t fret at this point. Just force quit the app and reopen it again, you will be able to resume from the point where you had to throw the Pokeball or you will have caught the Pokemon. To confirm it, check your Pokedex.

Play during off hours: Do not risk your work hours playing at the lunch time. Try playing early in the morning or late evenings enjoy this exploration of whole different world.

Use Ingress: To populate the Pokestops and Gyms, use the maps which Ninatics provides, called Ingress, set targets for your hunting efforts.

Choose higher level creatures for evolution: Before you decide to power, boost your Pokemon, notice a ring around their portrait which displays the comparison of previous level to the current max level, if they are close to the level you are waiting for it to evolve it will become a higher-evolved creature.

Dodge at the start of each battle: Before beginning each battle, swipe left or right, you will be able to dodge. This will give you an extra attack on the opponent and also can take down a big, quick and smaller creatures.

Add different Pokemons to a friendly Gym: It is safe and also preferable to add a Pokemon of different type to an already friendly Gym, Say, if the Gym has Water and Ground-type Pokémon, add your Flareons and Vulpixes because it will vulnerable to the Water trainer.

Be picky with your Stardust and Candy: We know you want to see your Pokemon’s evolve. No one is stopping you, but wait until you level up as you play, you will find many higher level creatures. So, you will become more powerful when you evolve a Pokemon of a higher level.

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