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2017 Lamborghini Urus Review – Price, Specs and Expected Release Date

For quite a large number of years, carmakers of premium automobile models have stayed clear of the production of sports utility cars. Although in 2003 that seemed to change, powerhouse automobile makers started venturing into the market. Lamborghini was not to be left behind as they launched the Urus concept in 2012. After a long wait, the manufacturer is now going to reintroduce the car in the market. Come in 2017 Lamborghini Urus, the car is uniquely designed and will redefine the name sports utility vehicle. The Urus, which is the longest car in the company’s long standing history and the manufacturer, is going to pull down all stop signs to make it a global leader. Urus is the second sports utility car that the Italian giants ever attempted, with the first being LM002 which came to an end in 1993 after it did not do well regarding sales. The car model only sold a modest 328 models.

Exterior and Interior Design of Lamborghini Urus

The styling of the exterior of the car is going to be different from its predecessor. The manufacturer will not make the shape of the car in standard Lamborghini sharp edges as the car will have around edges. The fascia of the car will have a host of air intakes that are large. The headlights on the car are Y-shaped and equipped with LED technology. The car rides on 24-inch, five spoke aluminum wheels. The tail lights of the car are stylish as well and together with a sizeable bumper, and four exhaust tips make the rare of the car a sight to behold.

The interior of the car is just what anyone looking to get a Lamborghini would expect. The cabin of the car is quite comfortable, roomy and elegant. The car can accommodate five seated adults with little ease because of the car’s spacing. The steering, like most of those found in luxurious sports cars, is multi-functional. Within the steering, one will have the headlights switch, and most of the device controls to make it easy for the driver. Some other controls of the devices found in the car are located in the touchscreen that is placed on the central part of the dash.


A twin will power the new sports utility car boosted 4.0-liter V-8 engine. The engine is expected to deliver 600 horsepower of force and 700 pounds per feet of torque. The engine will be mated to an automatic dual-clutch transmission system. The manufacturer will offer the car in an all-wheel drive system.

The car is rumored to be able to hit 60 mph from 0 mph in under 4 seconds and the car’s top speed is 205 mph.

Release Date and Price

The car is expected in the global market around the end of 2016, and anyone who wants to get their hands on this new offering from Lamborghini will have to part with at least $ 210,000 for the base model of this sports utility car.


Like any other car offered under the Lamborghini brand, elegance, comfort, and great performance is expected with new 2017 Urus. Most buyers will love this car because it gives the feel of Lamborghini to the driver and also four more passengers. This offering will take the market by a storm, and it is expected to be among the global leaders in Sports Utility Vehicles.

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