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2018 Bentley Bentayga Review – Price, Specs and Expected Release Date

Bentley have been in the SUV market for quite some time now and their new offering from the company will not be an exception to the kind of cars they have been producing. The new 2018 Bentley BentaygaSUV is going to be a global leader, most especially due to the car being the fastest available SUV in the market. This car has one of the most powerful engines in the market in this day and age. The car is elegantly designed on the inside and the outside. Apart from being fast the car is expected to be steady enough and offer great handling for the driver.

Exterior and Interior Design of Bentley Bentayga 2018

The car’s exterior will be elegantly designed so that it can compete in the global SUV market. The car larger modified version of the Continental GT. The front of the vehicle features the traditional Bentley matrix grille. The car has four round shapes headlights to make the front stylish like most Bentleys. The grille covers the whole width of the fascia and it is slimmer. The car rides on 22 inch alloy wheels. The rear end of this vehicle has similar rear haunches that look like the ones on Bentley cars. The car has a very imposing look about it with its large dimensions. The sides of the car look like the ones of the EXP 9F Concept.

The interior of the car shares a lot of features as the Continental GT’s. The car has armrest in the door panels and the center console is wider. The cabin of the car is designed with leather that is handcrafted. The car has an eight inch touch screen as part of its infotainment system. The finishing of the car is of metal trims and wood to make the car look stylish and classy.


Under the hood of this SUV are a few engine options to power the car. The first unit is a W-12 TSI turbocharged unit able to deliver 600 horsepower of force and 664 pounds per feet of torque. The gives out emissions of about 250 g/km and below. The unit is paired to an eight speed automatic transmission system. The car go from 0-60mph in four seconds, making it the fastest SUV in the global market.

The second engine option is diesel twin turbo charged 4.1-liter V8 unit.
There is talk of a hybrid model for the V6 diesel option. Though no confirmations have been made as of yet.

The car manufacturer offers the car in a standard all-wheel driving system.
Release Date and Price

The car is expected to be in the market in late 2016 and to own the car, one is expected to part with $200,000 for the base model of this car.

The car is a very luxurious and anyone who owns the car would be a proud owner of this sports luxury car. With its great speed, the car will most likely endear to most fans of the car. The classic interior of the car will provide great comfort for anyone travelling in the car.

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