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4 reasons Not to Install and 5 Reasons to Install iOS 9.3.3

In early January, Apple confirmed and rolled out the iOS 9.3 updates in March, seconding the iOS 9.3.2 which came only with one bug fix for the iOS 9.3.2. There were lingering problems which made Apple release iOS 9.3.3 beta update. And finally, after a long stay as a beta version, Apple has provided the iOS 9.3.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 

There are more security patches and other significant reasons to install. Some reasons to hold yourself from installing. Read on to know why.

Reasons to install:

1) Security: If you are concerned about your device privacy and security you might want to read all the 26 patches that Apple brings along with the iOS 9.3.3 update just as it brought 22 security patches in the iOS 9.3.2 update. This will thwart all the potential security risks possible on your device by the breach of privacy.

2) To avoid iOS 9 problems: The iOS 9 problems such as audio quality issues when paired with Bluetooth headsets, look up the dictionary failure issue, an issue that prevents typing mail addresses in mail and messages in Japanese keyboard, an issue that prevents installation of Custom B2B apps by MDM servers, a Game Center issue for the official change of log, and many more are fixed by iOS 9.3.3 update.

We have many solid sources to believe that the performance of iOS 9.3.3 is solid in many phones. Much less lag compared to iOS 9. Even if you haven’t upgraded to iOS 9.3.2, do not fret. The features of that version are baked into iOS 9.3.3. You can visit the Apple website and read all the bug fixes that has been incorporated in the iOS 9.3.3 update, such as hardware keyboard improvements, enterprise bug fixes, accessibility bug fixes, performance and stability improvements.

3) If you use Night shift: This feature is one of the most impressive from the iOS 9 updates. Familiar users of this feature, do upgrade to iOS 9.3.3 for a much better version of Night Shift.  Those who aren’t aware of what this feature is capable of, it is explained below. The annoying and eye-straining blue light emitted from the iPhone can decrease your cicardican rhythms which makes you harder to fall asleep. This is where Night Shift helps you. It warms the color of the phone’s display light post sunset by changing the temperature of the screen. In the morning, it brings more natural colors.

You can enable and disable it by going to the Control Center menu.

4) For circular folders:  Recent iOS 9 users discovered that, just with 3 x 3 pixel background, without a jailbreak you can use circular folders. It works in iOS 9.3.3. Save any picture in the Camera Roll. Then go to Settings – Wallpaper – Choose a new wallpaper. Now choose the wallpaper that you saved in Camera roll with Reduced translucency off in Accessibility Settings. Post this, any user creates folder will appear in circled form except for Apple stock folders.

5) If you use Google App: If you are an ardent user of Google app, you might have come across the issue where you get “having trouble completing searches due to internet connectivity” warning is solved now in iOS 9.3.3 update. It’s worth a shot to upgrade if you badly want this bug to be fixed.

Reasons not to install.

1) If you are unprepared: The title of the reason as simple as the reason per se. If you feel you are not ready yet, give it time. You can never predict what could go wrong when you upgrade, the bugs, an unexpected error could stake your data at a loss. Read some pre-upgrade points to remember if you are planning to update.

2) If you don’t want to lose jailbreak: If you are any versions of iOS 9 from iOS 9.0 through iOS 9.3.2 with a jailbreak installed, then upgrading your phone to iOS 9.3.3 will only result in the loss of your precious jailbreak. For iOS 9.3.3 there hasn’t been an official jailbreak yet, so you might want to consider putting off the upgrade plan for a while.

3) If you cannot deal with the problems: If you are not mentally prepared for the upgrade, wait till the feedback kicks in. To trace down all the possible problems and fixes, read about them and wait for potential fixes to arrive from the experts. If you are satisfied with the iOS 9.3.2 then drop the idea of the upgrade. Do only if the iOS 9.3.3 piques your interest in some way that seem like an enhancement to your device’s software or hardware.

4) If you are traveling: We can assure you that the iOS update is not worth it if you are on your trip, in the middle of it. You will have to need uninterrupted network and proper backup of your device. We recommend doing the upgrade at home, so that you will be focusing fully without any other responsible distractions.

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