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5 Pokemon Go Tips for beginners

Pokemon Go Tips is already being searched for all over the world. This certainly states the impact that the game has had on the mobile gaming sphere. Pokemon Go is a first of its kind Pokemon Game that has entered the world of smartphones and tablets off late. Pokemon Go is a typical kind of augmented reality based game that has already had quite a few followers all over the world. The game is currently available on Android and iOS devices for selected countries.

Although Pokemon Go is available for selected countries, many people are already looking for Pokemon Go tips and tricks.

Pokemon Go Tips #1: Finding a Pokemon
The first thing that you will have to take care of in order to proceed in the game is catching Pokemons. Well, Pokemons are not like Gyms and PokeStops that will be shown on your map. You will have to search them for real. They will not pop up on your screens. You will have to use the scanner present at the right bottom side of your screen.

Pokemon Go Tips #2: Gyms and Trainers
Now once you have captured Pokemons, you will need Pokemon Go Gyms and trainers. This is somewhat easy. The game provides you with the exact location of the Gyms. All you have to do is look for sections on the map that are higher than the rest. It will also have a Pokemon Logo hovering over it.

Pokemon Go Tips #3: Finding PokeStops
Nearby PokeStops will up on your screen map automatically. In this case you will not need radar to track them down. Now, when you are near a PokeStop, the marker will change and you will have to spin it to collect all the treasures that it has. Keep in mind that PokeStops are important as they will keep filling up your stash of Poke Balls.

Pokemon Go Tips #4: Throwing Poke Balls
Like other Pokemon Games, Pokemon Go does not throw the Poke Ball for you. You will have to take a good look at the strength of the pokemon and then hit the targeted area to catch them. Even after do so, you might just not be able to catch it. Keep in mind the Poke Balls are not that easy to get. So ensure that you have covered up all the tracks before you throw your Poke Ball.

Pokemon Go Tips #5: Stay away from Pokemon Go Hacks for now
Nintendo and Niantic have already made their positions clear about cheaters in the game. Considering the fact that in a rooted device you can easily spoof the geo location to progress in the game, it is advised that you don’t. Any form of cheating could lead to lifetime banning of the account.

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