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5 Reasons to Buy an Xbox One S And 2 Reasons Not To

Microsoft’s Xbox One S was announced with a brief in Electronic Entertainment Expo, last week. This will be definite one, what potential gamers and the buyers would expect even though it is smaller than its predecessor. The leaks of the Xbox One S released weeks ahead of E3 2016 from which we know the console is pushed across the board of large hardware. Depending on what kind of a gaming experience you want, we have weighed down the pros and cons of the offerings of this new Microsoft’s gaming console. 

Let’s list down the reasons why you should grab it first.

Buy if you want a better controller: Microsoft offers a better controller with Xbox One S, which is much better than what PS4 offered without a headphone jack, which resulted in buyers opting for an extension adapter. But, Xbox One S offers a refined controller with built in Bluetooth 4.0 and the controller has fine grips on its rear, which means unlike Xbox One, which had to use wireless adapter, we don’t need to use that.

More storage: This version of Xbox comes with humongous 2TB storage as an unexpected gift for hardcore gamers, who would not like to re-download games because of space constraints. The Xbox One supports storage up to only 1TB even with the option of external storage, which complicated the whole gaming setup, which is a flip side when compared to the recent Xbox One S. This version will be available in white with 2TB storage for $399.

Smaller Gaming Cabinet: If you are an owner of the Xbox one, you know how much of a large space it occupies in your cabinet like a VCR alongside the external power adapter. We aren’t suggesting you to buy the Xbox One S, if you already have the Xbox One. It’s like downgrading to one level. But if you are new to the gaming platform and you are looking to buy a fresh, this one is worth the shot as it is 40% smaller in size, whose console will fit right into your tiny cabinet unit.

Better Buttons: The one feature that will make you want to buy this new Xbox, which has capacitive buttons on its body that glows. There’s nothing more to say about this except it will be easy for a fresh gamer to use and play with. The Controller Sync button on the Xbox One is present in front of the Xbox One S.

A better gaming and video: The Xbox One S supports HDR which is the High Dynamic Range support that plays a vital role in rendering colors in clearer and more vibrant mode than in the Xbox One. The upcoming game launches like ScaleBound and Gears of War will support HDR technology. Hence, for a better platform of video and to get a more spectacular feeling of gaming, you can grab the Xbox One S to feel real colors with HDR.
Now, even though we have 5 top reasons to buy the Xbox One S, we have solid 2 reasons to not buy as well, which is equally strong to the above reasons.

Minor Upgrades but More money: Owners of the Xbox one, pay attention. We get that the Xbox One S has several design upgrades, but nothing huge in scope has been upgraded. Of course for those who own 4K television set, the 4K video streaming won’t be a necessity, which is one of the upgrades in the Xbox One S. The games, which you download with HDR support will still work on the Xbox One but you got used to the display quality. Also, if you just want a better controller, you can get a lot better than getting the Xbox One S for $299.

The Price: The price of the smaller console isn’t cheaper than the current one. Instead, we suggest you to try Xbox One ecosystem, which gives the steady flow in gaming, Xbox One deal, which costs just $279 and comes with the storage variants 500 GB and 1TB.

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