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6 things to know: Battlefield 5 Release

While we know the release date of Battlefield 5, we are yet to know certain details about officially. While EA Dice waits and plans to launch Battlefield 5, let us take a look at a few that that you would like to know about the game.

Before we get into the details, it is important to know that EA Dice had a few issues with Battlefield 4, which was released in the year 2013. Back then, the game was loaded with weapon, destructive vehicles and a great environment. With Battlefield 5, you should be expecting more and better.

Battlefield 5 Release Date
Let us start off with the absolutely confirmed news. According to the reports, Battlefield 5 is all set to unveiled a couple of days from now on May 6th; 4 PM Eastern time and 1 PM Pacific Time zone. The release event can be seen live via Livestream. There is no doubt about the fact that a lot of eyes will be looking up to it.


Battlefield 5 will be original
Quite a few rumors stated that the upcoming Battlefield 5 will be another remake of the some Great War that has savaged the earth. But as it seems, the rumors are fake. According to Shinobi602, the man behind the leak of Battlefield 5 launch date believes that this time it is going to be an original one and we have a few reasons to believe him.

Insider Rewards for Battlefield 5
The reports have it that the upcoming version of the game with has a typical rewards system that would allow you to get exclusive contents, sneak peeks and various other details about Battlefield. Not a lot is known about how this whole thing is going to function, but certain this will give quite an impetuous to the gamers. All the details are expected to be available after the launch on May 6th.

EA Play Showcase for Battlefield 5
EA abandoned E3 this year to put up its own show later. EA Play Showcase is all set to go through on June 12th and will continue till June 14th. It can be expected that all the details that are left behind from the May 6th show will be released during EA Play Showcase. We might get some insights about what will be next as well. Is a Battlefield 6 in line?

Battlefield 5 Beta
Many reports suggest that the full version of Battlefield 5 will be subjected to public release later this year. Before that EA Dice would look forward to have a test of the beta version, which might be let through on the May 6th event. This is quite a feasible thought as many game makers tend to test things out in public before going for a full throttle public release. One thing is for sure that if the Beta version is released, it will possibly be during the event a few days later.

Battlefield 5 for PC, Xbox One and PS4
The reports have it that the upcoming version of the game will only be released for computers, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is not the first time when the makers have decided to leave behind the older platforms. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners might just start scratching their heads.

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