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ADR1FT to launch on PS4 next Week, Xbox users to wait

Console gamers who have been looking for the best floating simulation game of the year; AD1FT is here. ADR1FT is all set to release on 15th July. The game will be initially released only on PlayStation 4. The game is the first production coming out of Three One Zero and Adam Orth’s game development team, after the interesting tweet battle with Microsoft over Xbox One.

Well, talking about ADR1FT, the floating simulation game is expected to take console gamers to another level. In the game, the players will feature as Alex Oshima. Alex finds herself floating around in her spaceship after a catastrophic accident. She is a space engineer in the game and sadly has no memory. She does not know what happened to her, how did she end up in the Spaceship. It will be up to the gamers to work up the riddle and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

ADR1FT is already available on Occulus Rift. In February this year, the makers secured out the licence allowing users to play the game on the Occulus Rift VR Headsets via Steam. For the same, the Occulus Rift VR headset needed to have the 1.3 runtime as well as a Steam account.

In spite of all the speculations, about the game being available on PlayStation VR, there is no confirmation regarding the same. The VR headsets from PlayStation are due to be released on 13th October this year. Enthusiasts believe that the makers will have a lot of time to release a compatible version of ADR1FT for the PlayStation VR headsets.

What is interesting is that ADR1FT will be not be launched anytime soon for Xbox. According to the rumors, ADR1FT will be available for Xbox sometime later this year; probably late September or early October. PlayStation 4 users in Europe and North America will be able to own ADR1FT for $19.99 starting July 15th.

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