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Now Alexa can read Kindle Books for You Aloud

Amazon Echo serves several functionalities and allows you to connect a vast number of smart home appliances. In addition to that, Amazon has announced that now Amazon Echo’s Alexa can able to read Kindle Books louder. 

Yes, now Echo can also allow you to connect to your Kindle and read books for you. Quite Interesting right! Now with the help of Amazon Echo, you can easily make your normal Kindle books into a series of audiobook and this can be done without paying any additional money.

The robotic voice of Amazon Echo reads the kindle books in a systematic way and broadcast them in a kind manner. Amazon has mentioned that, Alexa comes with a same text-to-speech recognition, which is widely used in Wikipedia.

As a free service, you will only get normal text-to-speech recognition and you won’t get the feel and the same kind of color from the book. In order to command the Alexa to read the book, you need to say “Alexa read {{Book Title}}”. This enables the Kindle to read the book and even you can connect the device in speaker to hear the book anywhere from your house. If you want to pause the reading, by simply saying Pause Alexa, you can interrupt the reading. If you want to resume the reading process, you can say “resume my book” to resume it.

In addition to this, you can go backward or forward by simply saying “forward” or “backward” in between the reading process. In Amazon newsletter, the feature was revealed by the company.

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