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Amazon Kindle: Which Amazon Kindle Version You Should Go For?

Every person out there, who devours books, would know one of the most popular choices to read ebooks, on a digital device, which is of trend nowadays rather than going for the paperback. Who needs to carry heavy tomes when you can just fit in gigabytes of books in a flat device that makes reading easy for you? 

In that case, the Amazon Kindle is not only power efficient, but also gives you seamless integration where you can download books easily, user interface is also simple. Amazon keeps adding plenty of new features, such as giving the experience of reading on paper with brighter displays right from its first inception.

Now the real confusion for you will be which model you should buy. Amazon gives us 4 different Kindle models; Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis and the refreshed 2016 version of the Kindle.

Amazon Kindle
This 6 inch screened eBook reading device is the cheapest of the all 4 costing $79.99 with 167 ppi resolution screen. This version has been recently revamped with E-ink Pearl Display with Bluetooth audio support built in. It is also thinner and lighter in weight than the model this has been replaced with. You can play the audio books in speaker with wireless speakers and headphones. The battery life stands for weeks and is available in two colors, black and white.

This device makes as an affordable with an internal storage that can hold thousands of books, but it would be difficult for you to read if your lights are out because the display isn’t as illuminating as the other three types.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
The illuminating display is the key difference between the Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite. Its screen lighting just makes the words shine which also is brighter enough to read in low light or the dark.

The display contrast is better than the Amazon Kindle because of 300 ppi screen resolution offered by 6 inch Ink Carta display. This version comes with WiFi as well as 3G options. Integrated with Amazon account, you can seamlessly download and integrate your books in the device. The pricing starts from $119.99 ranging till $159.

Amazon Kindle Voyage
This version is quite same as the Kindle Paperwhite offering same 300 ppi, 6 inch screen and illumination, E-Ink Carta Display but only with one difference.

The illumination on the screen adjusts its brightness by adapting to the environment that you are in. The adaptive light comes off as a big advantage for every lighting condition. On the Voyage there’s a specially reinforced glass front, with magnesium back dropping the plastic bezel for a cleaner design that integrates page turning sensors that react to pressure, meaning there’s no need to tap on the edge of the display, you just press a little harder and the page turns. There are also the same WiFi and 3G options available as in the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with the battery that lasts for weeks and not just hours. It can be a bit costly, ranging from $119 – $159.

Amazon Kindle Oasis
This is the latest version of the Kindle and the most powerful and the expensive one. The build of the Kindle is lighter and thinner. The front lighting is now cast from the side in this gadget through a new diffusion layer thereby giving more illumination.

In addition to the same features as in the Voyage and in the Paperwhite, the screen is 6 inch rendering 300 ppi, but alongside there is an accelerometer on the board to allow to use the Kindle in landscape mode, left and in right handed. There is another battery cover that comes in the box which delivers seven weeks use apart from the one on its own that can last up to two weeks.

There are 3 color variations for battery cover: black, Merlot, walnut. This model also comes with WiFi and 3 G options, costing to a whopping $289.99. Those who want the latest and greatest version of Kindle, go for this, without batting an eyelid.

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