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Apple iOS 10: 5 Things to Expect and 4 Not To Expect

Apple has officially confirmed the update of iOS 10 in the WWDC keynote for all the Apple devices. While the Apple consumers are still hasn’t taken off the focus from the iPhone 6s and the iOS 9, it is high time we move our attention to the beta version of iOS 10 and its features. The release will be somewhere around fall as addressed by the Apple. We list here, what and what not to expect from the iOS 10 updates to mold your expectations from the release officially. 

Expect iPhone 7 with iOS 10: Even if the Apple has confirmed the release of iOS 10, it hasn’t given a firm date on the release yet. So, we assume, you can expect the release of an iPhone a couple months before the release of the new OS update, iOS 10. It might coincide with both the releases. Let’s wait for the Apple to talk about the iOS 10 release of the iPhone launch event, this year. But we aren’t certain of anything, as the beta version of iOS 10 has only released now. They might put off and extend the release of the original update too.

Expect the Public beta iOS 10: Last year, the Apple arrived with the public beta version of iOS 9 in July. Likewise, this year they had confirmed the release of the developer beta iOS 10 already. The public beta version will be a mirror to the developer beta, but it will be free to try out on your phones.

Expect many ‘beta’ versions: If it is beta and if it is made public, we can expect more than one beta version with patches applied for improving performances in two week intervals. So, as much leery as it seems, just wait patiently before you try the first beta release on your Apple device.

Expect these release timings: It is actually easy to make an outline of the iOS 10 months ahead of its actual release. It had always arrived around 10AM Pacific. For regions like Australia, Japan and the USA, here is what we can expect:

Expect features to limited devices: We all know what happened with the release of iOS 9. It was limited to the old devices and a few didn’t get the support of the update. The new feature that came in with this OS version, the Night Shift was available only for iPhone 5s or later. Likewise, the major feature that comes in with iOS 10, called, “Raise To Wake” will be exclusively for new models of iPhones. Also, there will be not many features, but all the new features will be major. If you own an older iPhone device, we are sorry, but you cannot relish the iOS 10 update.

Now, these are the things that you shouldn’t expect about the IOS 10 release:

Don’t expect an early beta release: Apple remains tight mouthed about the exact date on the release of the beta release of iOS 10. Until it holds another event between July and this month, we cannot expect the release of the beta version without any warning. We can expect it out of the blue too, but certainly not on weekends as Apple has never done that before for the other OSs.

Don’t expect beta is the final version: Well, this is pretty obvious isn’t it? On stage, during WWDC, Apple talked a lot about the iOS 10 but didn’t disclose much information about its features. The beta version it releases could be a preview too with, which they will deduce some changes to be made in the final version. Certain features that you might like in beta could be neglected on the final version too. You got to be ready for adapting to the final tested version only.

Don’t expect iOS 10 update for iPhone 4s: Don’t get your hopes up for the iOS 10 to be available for iPhone 4s because it got cut off in the beta version testing. Hence we might not expect the OS update for this phone.

Don’t expect the jailbreak: If in case, the developers are able to make something to the beta iOS 10 and come up with a jailbreak for the same, it is definite that they won’t do it without any warning, resulting in even more waiting for you. Even after testing several jailbreak tools, there was not a public appearance of a jailbreak for the iOS 9.3 update.

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