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Apple iOS 10 Beta: Here’s What You Should Do Before Installing iOS 10 Beta

The original release of the iOS 10 is months away, but Apple has given the public and its developers to give the impending upgrade a try with its beta release. Although the Apple confirmed the iOS 10 date release, we have prepared you a guide of what you should do before you install the iOS 10 beta in one of your Apple devices. 

Before you install, check the compatibility of your device and check if the iOS 10 beta will run or not. They have made iOS 10 beta available for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPad mini 3, iPad 2, and others but not for iPhone 4s.

Now this guide is in your awareness of what might happen, if you blindly install the iOS 10 beta on your device without any insight forehand. Read on to install the iOS 10 beta only after you outline all the tips given in the guide.

Go through Apple’s Rules & Conditions: We just cannot hastily install the iOS 10 beta. That’s not how it works. If you are genuinely interested in helping out the release of the final iOS 10 and you are tempted to install iOS 10 beta to improvise it by trying the new features out, you will have to follow some guidelines that Apple has established. You can visit the Apple’s website to download the iOS 10 beta for free and then go through the FAQ on the beta software program. You have to be careful when you are executing each step as given in the Guidelines, so prepare yourself well before committing to install iOS 10 beta.

Familiarize yourself with the iOS 10 changes: You can just find on the internet about what all new changes have been brought in the iOS 10 beta and get a detailed look from various sources before you install the beta version on your device. This way, you will know what you will be getting in future, finalized version.

Login Information: Make sure you have your Apple ID login information before you install the iOS 10 beta version which will help you log in and out of many applications, Apple’s and third party’s. Otherwise, you will need to create a new one if you don’t own one already.

Mandatory Backup: This is a very significant step before you even think about installing the beta version. We wouldn’t want anyone to risk losing all their data during or after the installation of the iOS 10 beta. Hence, either use iTunes to backup your data to the system or via iCloud backup process.

Make some free time: The installation setup might take around 30 mins to 60 mins for full installation on your device. If you are a newbie to the beta installation, and if you need the process to progress smoothly, you will have to keep your eyes on your primary device which is undergoing installation. You cannot do this upgrade trial when you are at work, or when you are somewhere out. Make sure you set aside some time to connect to a safe network, preferably at home and carry out the installation.

Dig deep into fixes for problems: Developers have already started getting headaching problems on the first version of beta usage. You might as well prepare to face some issues on your own, so accordingly try to dig up the internet for a list of problems that users faced and possible fixes for the same. The type of problems includes, battery life, WiFi and installation problems.

Downgrade decision: If you feel leery about installing iOS 10 beta, look into the downgradeable version, which would be 9.3.2 because recently Apple stopped the iOS 9 older updates or do not install at all and wait for the final iOS 10 versions.

Feedback research: A little amount of second opinion doesn’t hurt. So, dig into a research on the feedback of the developers who had already tried out the iOS 10 beta version and if you find a good excuse to install, then go ahead to give it a shot.

Get the proper installation guide: There are many guides available on the internet which will guide you through the installation. Go through a few of them, analyze which is easy, which is understandable to you, which is clear and then whichever guide you come across as a comfortable one, pick it and go ahead.

Pros and Cons of the iOS 10 beta: Apple has released the beta version for the general public along with its developers, to find bugs, to analyze from the direct users what all the problems they face and to deduce a fix for the same. We suggest you to weigh the pros and cons of installing the beta version. If you have only one Apple device, we suggest you not to install as much as it is tempting, because if something goes wrong, you might have to face the music yourself since you own only one device. Hence, approach with full awareness after weighing the pros and cons.

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