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Apple iPhone SE is out, but let’s see some iPhone 6s’ issues and possible fixes

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has recently launched a budget-friendly iPhone SE smartphone, and it has got some serious demand from the consumer world as well. However, there are millions of iPhone 6s users around the world, which also includes its sibling iPhone 6s Plus. We have stumbled on some of the main issues faced by iPhone 6s and 6S Plus users and let’s see the possible fix for such problems.

Apple Inc’s almost every device known for its premium built and premium support and service, which could also royally cut your purse! Meanwhile, there are some persistent problems haunting many iPhone 6s/6s Plus users that could spoil your experience of the largely impeccable smartphone. Below are some of the common issues, problems, glitches or call it annoyances with the Apple iPhone 6s. We have also gathered some quick fixes and possible fixable ideas for them – resetting to factory defaults is not the solution for every minor issue.

Battery issues
Yes, you read it right. Since the launch of iPhones, users were very much concerned about the poor battery life compared to its rival Android phones. But when the company launched iPhone 6s, it has received more complaints of poor battery performance just because the company had actually shrunk the battery capacity of its predecessor iPhone 6.

Battery life won’t be the same for every user – it purely depends upon the intensity of usage of the device. Many light-intensity users don’t face any problems, or they failed to notice, if any. But some hardcore smartphone users are the ones who are complaining about the performance. Take note of this – most of the times, third-party apps are the culprits. They churn out the battery life when running in the background, and you should find it first.

Follow this: Go to Settings > Battery and scroll down the list of apps and check their share in the battery usage. Most probably, you will see news applications as well as social media apps, which are always big biters of battery life. If any of these apps are not useful (think twice), just delete it. Or you may lessen their impact on your iPhone 6s/Plus battery by following this:

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and choose the lesser useful apps and tap on toggle off switch to restrict them from running in the background, which also means – you won’t receive any real time updates and notifications from these apps. You will have to open such apps manually and refresh it to get the latest updates every time. This will definitely boost your iPhone’s battery life, and is very helpful during the critical battery-ending period.

Apple Inc has also introduced Low Power Mode, which will also stop background app refreshing, restrict some visual effects and Mail refreshes, when toggled on. You should try this when your battery power indicator comes to red color.

3D Touch not working
3D Touch is the most important feature of Apple iPhone 6s, which is a pressure-sensitive technology on the display screen that helps users to view link previews, email previews and popular Apple’s own Live Photos activation. We have seen some users facing issues with 3D Touch such as “3D Touch not working.” If it’s really not working, then there are no ways to fix it easily than taking it to an Apple Store and replace it for free of charge.

Before moving or a Apple Genius appointment, make sure you have turned on (it will be turned on by default) the 3D Touch feature. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch and see whether the toggle switch turned on or off. You may also try your hands-on with increasing or decreasing the sensitivity of 3D Touch in this option by moving the slider to light or vice versa.

Links not opening/crashing apps
This problem hasn’t reported during the initial period of iPhone 6S/Plus launch. Recently, the Apple smartphones, not only iPhone 6s, have started behaving weird, and then we got to know that the real culprit is the iOS 9.3 update which was launched in March 2016. Most of the users faced app crashes or not even opening the links when tapping on any links in Mail, Notes, Messages, Safari and other applications.

Some “smart” users have pointed out that certain third-party apps like Booking.com are the culprits, apparently, uninstalling these apps doesn’t fix the “iOS 9.3 link hang/crash” issue. Experts claimed that the issue is related to “Universal Links” introduced with iOS 9 – which was intended to open links directly into an app.

Fix: There are no fixes, or reset options, except reverting back to your previous iOS version (which is not feasible) and waiting for the next update with the bug fix. Meanwhile, Apple has already revealed that it’s aware of the “link hang” issue and it promised to release the fix as soon as possible.

iPhone crashes on a regular basis
Semi-regular crashes are very well known to hardcore iPhone users, but Apple Inc has managed to fixthis from iOS 9 release. But still some users face this regular crash issue. For this you need to take your phone to a nearest Apple Store and talk to the representatives. Or, you could just attempt a complete wipe and restart.

Just take backup of all your contacts, files, videos or any important data and go to Settings > General >Reset and selecting Erase All Content and Settings. Now try recovering your data and settings from the backup from iCloud and see whether the problem has resolved or not. If not, then just don’t recover the data from backup – the problem might get resolved, but you will lose the data and settings!

iPhone 6s/6s Plus overheating issues
There are born heating issues with iPhone 6s/Plus, like any other flagship smartphones out there. A few of them are heating of the handset when playing games and watching a long HD video, some users have complained that their devices are overheating than expected. A few complaints registered at the Apple Support Forum are about the overheating of the home button, where Touch ID is located. If you are facing any of these “overheating” issues, taking the phone to the Apple Store is probably the only solution you have got, because it’s purely related to hardware.

Before taking it to the Apple Store, you should follow a few steps that could solve your “minor” heating problems. Just follow the steps provided at the “Battery Issues” section of this article. Here, if you find any app that uses more battery life than any other apps, there is a possibility that it also uses more iPhone resources which could result in heating of the device. Just uninstall it and try using the phone for a while and check whether the device is heating like before or not. If this won’t work, just completely wipe the device and use it for a while. Make sure you have a backup on your iCloud before wiping and resetting your iPhone 6s.

GPS issues
Not so many users aware of this problem. A few users have complained about the buggy GPS on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It could not be the problem with your device, but your mobile service provider. Certain 4G network providers’ LTE bands are said to be interfering with GPS reception of the device. To check that, you should try turning off 4G and use the GPS. Go to Settings>Mobile Data>Mobile Data Options>Enable 4G and select Off. If this not solves your problem, try resetting the device. Failing this, the best option would be taking an appointment with an Apple Genius.

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