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Apple iPhone SE: Best Tips to save battery life of the device

The 4-inch iPhone SE has captured the attention of iPhone enthusiasts as well as the common masses. With the Apple A9 processor, iPhone SE is considered to be the most power efficient and powerful 4 inch smartphone in the market. Apple claims that this phone will give you hours of loyal performance, thanks to the powerful battery this handy phone houses. 

If you own an iPhone SE, and feel that the battery backup is poor, here are some tricks you can try to get your phone charged up.

Wait for 2-3 days – Whether you are setting the iPhone afresh or restoring from a backup, the iPhone SE uses lots of power for downloading and installing games, apps, music, photos and other stuff. The WiFi radio and the iOS search system keep on running and when they run, they consume power. Post upgradation, give the device some time, say a day or two so that the entire process is complete and it can start functioning as per standard benchmarks. If the problem still persists, fret not! Simply try the following steps!

Test when the iPhone SE is on standby mode – Exploring games and other features on the new iPhone SE is not uncommon. Along with transferring and restoring data, this also consumes considerable power. Seeing videos, taking photos with the 12 megapixel cameras and similar activities lead to the power radio being on along with WiFi. Using the phone extensively, especially for gaming will lead to more power consumption and reduced battery life.

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Note down how much battery you have. Put down the phone down for some time and check the battery again. If during the standby time there is no massive change in the battery, the phone is running just fine. But if there is power consumption, even when the phone is not being used, you may benefit from uninstalling 3rd party apps that may be draining the battery in the background.

Resetting the iPhone might help – One of the most common ways of troubleshooting any phone including iPhone is restarting, rebooting or resetting the phone. And this stands true for iPhone SE as well. Try resetting the phone and see if the battery life improves with this. For resetting, you have to:

Hold down and press the Home Button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time.
Keep them in the same position until you see the Apple logo appear.
Release the buttons.
When you reboot, follow all the steps again and check the battery life. The reboot should do the trick and get your phone to give you optimum battery life- again!
Use low power mode –If your iPhone SE battery gives great service, but you want more from it, try using a power pack or battery mode. Using the Low Power Mode is the easiest way of saving battery life from getting exhausted. For switching to Low Power Mode:

Go to the home screen and tap on the ‘Settings’ button.
Tap on the ‘Battery’ option.
Toggle the ‘Low Power Mode’ to ‘On’.
Once this feature is turned on, the battery icon on the phone will turn yellow, but you can use most of your important apps.
These simple tricks will better your iPhone SE battery life and give your hours of standby time.

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