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Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: The Old vs The New

Whenever Apple brings out any gadget, whether it is a new laptop or a Smartphone, the speculation and buzz among fans and industry shoots up. The existing iPhone 6 and 6S have enjoyed expected success across the world post their release. Before the company can unveil the much awaited iPhone 7, it took the veil of a new variant of iPhone aka iPhone SE. The SE stands for Special edition. While it shares many features and design elements with bigger sibling iPhone 6S, the throwback to the past was also evident. 

Post its unveiling, the new iPhone SE has drawn mixed reaction from both the critics and users. It shares a lot of things with iPhone 6S and those are among its strengths. However, it is up to the end users to decide whether they want to stick with the popular iPhone 6S or try the smaller variants, which is basically an update to the ageing iPhone 5S.

Screen and display

The major difference between iPhone 6S and SE is their screen size and resolutions. The 4.7 inch display of iPhone 6S looks bigger than 4 inch screen of SE beyond any doubt. Though the 6S has a larger resolution of 1,334 x 750 pixels, it eventually has same 326 PPI pixel density like its smaller cousin. The iPhone 6s features an enhanced contrast ratio, but like the SE has 500cd/m2 brightness rating.

Size and weight

This can be a tricky area. Apple brought out iPhone 6 and 6S to cater to those users who were being wooed by large screen Android rivals to an extent. The move, however, did not go down well with Apple users, who found the 4 inch screen size ideal for their needs. Here, one size does not fit all! Apple brought the iPhone SE to appeal to the small screen phone lovers once more. Even though the SE is 22 percent lighter than the iPhone 6S, the latter is still manageable with one hand.

Battery and camera

Despite the lower rated capacity on paper, the battery life of iPhone models has been on par with their Android rivals. The iPhone 6S has a slight edge on battery capacity over the SE. However, on closer analysis, both the devices offer near identical battery life.

While both the devices feature similar rear lens, the iPhone 6S gets an edge over the smaller sized sibling for front camera. The iPhone 6S has a 5MP front shooter which is better than the other’s 1.2 MP lens. Both the devices sport a 12 MP camera which supports 4k recording and panoramas along with the Live Photo feature.


Despite sharing many features with the SE, there is no denying iPhone 6S takes a clear lead in the feature segment over the smaller variety. The 3d Touch is what you get in iPhone 6S and it is sorely missing on the SE variant. Siri, the much touted voice controlled assistant, however, is present on both the phones.


Apple is not at all known for making budget devices, whether it is Macs or iPhone. All models of iPhone have been released with steep price tags, but that has not deterred the buyers from buying them in large quantities. Every time Apple witness stupendous success from iPhone sales. However, things have been less enticing in India and Asian markets where buyers are price sensitive. The SE is priced at only $399 for the 16 GB version- which is a little surprising for Apple. The iPhone 6S costs $649 for the base model.


The iPhone 6S comes with 16, 64 and 128 GB storage options. The SE maxes out at 64 GB and the higher capacity version costs $100 extra.

So, what is similar among the two smart phones?

The iPhone 6S eventually outshines the smaller sibling in some key segments, including display size, software feature and front camera  resolution, etc. However, the similarities between the two are also vital. Both the devices run iOS 9.3 out of the box. Both the phones are equipped with similar hardware spec. They are powered by Apple A9 CPU aided by 2 GB of RAM.


Factors like budget and usability needs play pivotal roles behind buying decision for smartphones and the iPhones are not exceptions. The extra features and enhanced specs may lure users with heavy wallets to iPhone 6S. Budget minded buyers may opt for the new SE version. Both the phones are stellar, and will not disappoint!

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