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ARCA developed a $20k Hoverboard that can fly for 6 minutes

One of the coolest gadget to gift your bone companion is hoverboard, which is also called as a self balancing scooter. Some could manage with wheels, but the ARCA Space Corporation brought a big change in hoverboard gadget. They developed a true hoverboard, which can fly like a Aladin’s red carpet.

It’s true! The company designed two different variants in flying hoverboard. If you have fatty body and weighs more than 110 kg, ARCA brings you Enhanced Thrust model. On the other end, those who are below 80kgs can move with Long Endurance model. In contrast, both the device won’t have same usage time. Long Endurance model will fly for 6 minutes, whereas Enhanced Thrust model ends its journey in just 3 minutes.

To activate the flying hoverboard, ARCA enabled all system control in a Smartphone. It has brought a ‘revolutionary breakthrough in transformation’ that can travel with a top speed of 20km/h. The whole system works by controlling the rider’s center of gravity. This innovation is a lesson to learn for all teenagers.

Due to it’s high speed fans, the device size increased to 57-inches long and 30-inches wide. The company equipped 36 high velocity motors, which rotates 45000 times within a minute.

According to ARCA Space Corporation CEO, Dumitru Popescu,

“For its size, the ArcaBoard is probably the most powerful personal vehicle ever created in history. We wanted to make it as small, light and thin as possible”.
We can expect more enhancement in next generation ArcaBoard. They might come with powerful battery to increase usage time. For smarter design, the company seems to go with a smaller size in the upcoming version. Current Arcaboard consumes 35 minutes to recharge the battery, once it discharged. We can look forward better performance in next rival.

ARCA Space Cororation already started selling flying hoverboard in the market. It goes out for sale with a heavy price tag of $20,000. This is the right to become a super hero, feel free to share your view on hoverboard in the comment section below. We look forward more updates and let you know in the next article.

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