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Adidas partners with Virgin Galactic to design kevlar-like spacesuits

Adidas has announced that its Y-3 brand would collaborate with Virgin Galactic, to design spacesuits and outfits for everyone at Spaceport America. The brand Y-3, is a fashion collaboration between Adidas and designer Yohji Yamamoto.


Y-3’s team is designing “plans for a space-apparel system” for Virgin Galactic’s pilots, future astronauts and the operations team in Spaceport America. A limited-edition jacket, featuring 3D engineered design for maximum flexibility, will be designed for the pilots, and will be extended to garments for crew and passengers.  The pilot’s flight-suit prototype was revealed at Spaceport America in new Mexico.

“Everything is done for a functional reason, the ability to move freely about the cockpit and operate the spaceship,” Lawrence Midwood, senior director of design at Adidas Y-3.

A kevlar-like material called Nomex Meta Aramid is used to make the flight-suit. Though the material has the rigid feature of the bullet-proof material, it is more flexible. This will support the pilot during long flights, and will provide a comfortable wear while sitting in the cockpit. The special Y-3 boots contain Nomex material and leather, including an outsole with “TRAXION outsole lugs for ultimate grip and adiPRENE heel insert for comfort and shock absorption.” The boots also feature enhanced grips on the soles, special heel inserts for shock absorption and impacts during turbulent flights.

Midwood worked alongside Adam Wells, Virgin Galactic’s head of design, to bring out the two-piece collection, designed exclusively for a space adventure. The prototype boots is set to be tested by astronauts during Virgin Galactic’s test flights, to get their valuable feedback and to finalize the design.

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