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“Exploding Kittens” tops Apple app store a day after its release

Exploding Kittens, a card game and one of the most popular Kickstarter projects, has topped the Apple app store in just one day following the app’s release. The card game netted $8.7 million in donations in less than a month from Kickstarter, and set two crowdfunding records in 2015.

The Exploding Kittens project has become the most-funded game on Kickstarter and the fifth-highest funded project overall. Currently, the game has been released on iOS, but it is set to roll out on Android too. The Kickstarter project gained a record number of individual donors (219,000 contributors), and the card game was endorsed as the next ‘Card Against Humanity’. Upon its release, downloaders of the $2 app were able to download all of the game’s add-ons for free.

A giant graphic on the Exploding Kittens site reads that this is their way of thanking their Kickstarter backers and everyone who supported them in the first year. Though the game has become the No. 1 paid app, the game only has a 2.5 rating with 566 reviews. A major disadvantage in the game is that users will not be able to play with friends via Internet or against AI opponents. The game is playable only when friends are near you, connecting through ad-hoc Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. However, game designers believe that limiting the multiplayer would make people should sit around the same area to experience the game while blowing up the little digital cats.

The mobile card game ‘Exploding Kittens’ was developed by Shane Small and Elan Lee’s partnership with Substantial Studio. The game’s website says that it’s very much a party game, a multiplayer game you play with people who are actually sitting near you. Considering the negative reviews, the game’s developers might introduce gameplay with strangers over the internet and against AI opponents.

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