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Arizona Diamondbacks trade Brad Zeigler to Boston Red Sox

The Arizona Diamondbacks have traded with the Boston Red Sox for two minor leaguers. The player who will be leaving the Arizona Diamondbacks as a part of the deal is Brad Zeigler. The news was released immediately on Friday, after the Arizona Diamondbacks lost by 6 to 2 to the Giants in San Francisco.

Brad Zeigler has been with the Arizona Diamondbacks since 2011. He has to his account an array of 43 straight saves. This is franchise record that he helped in making during the period of May 29th 2015 to June 20th 2015. On the other hand, Brad Zeigler also holds a record of the lowest ERA of 2.49 for the Diamondbacks. His best single season relief ERA has been 1.85 in 2015, which is again a franchise record for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

According to a statement by Brad Zeigler, “It’ll hit me at some point, but it all just kind of feels kind of like a whirlwind right now, A lot of emotions and just excited for the opportunity in Boston. Obviously it’s kind of crazy the way things happen sometimes.”

“I thought there was a strong likelihood over the course of the next couple weeks that something could happen; it’s more the timing that caught me off guard more than what actually happened.”
Arizona Diamondbacks manager, Chip Hale stated that it is very disappointing for them. It will be hard to imagine things without Brad Zeigler, but they have not played up to the mark as well. Trade of Brad Zeigler was something that had to happen, since the Arizona Diamondbacks have not played well enough to keep up to the ends.

The two minor leaguers: Almonte, age 20 and Basabe, age 19 are set to replace Brad Zeigler in Arizona Diamondbacks. Almonte has a season ERA of 3.91 with 10 starts and Basabe holds 310 in bating with 16 doubles, 4 triples, 25 RBI’s in 64 games.

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