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Be Aware, iOS 10 Beta Might Lock Down Your Device, and Make it Useless

Recently, iOS 10 Beta version has been released globally by the Apple Inc., and it offers us a look – how upcoming iOS 10 will be. The iOS 10 beta release, not only provide a look at how the upcoming iOS 10 will be, but also randomly locks the iDevices and Apple ID. Still, it is a big mystery in between Apple users. 

Yeah, the issue was first reported by a Redditor, who claims that his Apple ID got locked due to an unknown glitch present in the iOS 10 beta. The bug forces the users to re-enter their Apple ID password. If you know the password – it is not a big deal. But the real problem arises, when you forgot your Apple ID password.

The problem is only reported in iOS 10 beta, and Apple Support doesn’t really know – what major problem was really going on. In iOS 10 beta, the iForgot password reset functionality is not at all working due to the bug present in it. The users who have enabled two-step authentication in their iDevices, were unable to unlock their device, since iOS locked their account.

Apple Support is still unaware about the issue and Stay tuned to TampaBayReview.com for more updates.

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