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BMW: The company launches Premium car-sharing service

Berlin – BMW AG, the premium luxury car manufacturer, started premium car-sharing service in the United States and becomes one of the competitors of the existing car-sharing service providers. 

On Friday, BMW announced that the company is launching premium car-sharing program named ReachNow in Seattle and also announced that the company has also plans to initiate the services in other major cities in the United States. Apart from this, BMW has made the service headquarters at its Belltown office.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW Group board member, mentioned as,

With ReachNow, we are moving car sharing to the next level, We will be covering all the mobility needs our customers have, This is why we are supplementing our classic business model with additional services that make life on the road easier for people in big cities,
The services from the company will be increased gradually, as more drivers enter into the ReachNow Program. With the help of BMW battery cars, the price of the service will be comparatively less, when compared to other car sharing programs available in the market.

ReachNow uses BMW 328xi, i3 and Mini Cooper cars, which offers the best way for the people to travel within an affordable price. By downloading ReachNow application, the drivers can register their cars  with the service. The service is similar to the Car2Go service, and almost work similar to it. But, BMW mentioned that hundreds of cars are available on the streets of Seattle, which will be soon used by ReachNow.

Similar to other car sharing program, the drivers are allowed to go wherever they want and also, they can park their vehicle at any parking place and wait for the next customer. BMW mentioned that the registration fee will be $39 and for 3 hours of time period, the ReachNow customers have to pay $50 and for the entire day, they have to pay $110.

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