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Bungie releases the final 2.3.1 update for Destiny game on Xbox 360 and PS3

When to prepared destiny for the forthcoming Rise of the iron the developers at Bungie have released the new update 2.3.1 for the game to make the exotic warlock helmet apotheosis veil to let it appear in the exotic armour blueprints kiosk in the hall of guardians in the tower, and to also fix the issues with the classes as well as with the activities. In terms of being in an update to be truthful the patch provides a relatively small return, but the implication behind this drawback is, it will be the last update offered for “Destiny’s” PlayStation and Xbox 360 ports.

The recent statement from Bungie speaks out that part from any emergencies of pressing that requires urgent repairs for future bugs that are ought to be game breaking, Destiny’s 2.3.1 update is set to be the last patch scheduled deployment for legacy consoles. This understandably means that on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 you will not be receiving any more major expansions as Rise of iron. As this was announced by studio earlier about this final patch and also about the action of RPG will not be getting any major as well as minor contents on last generation platforms.

But a fall and sad disaster for the ones who wished to meet the rise of iron for Destiny on the PlayStation 3 , as its new raid that Gjallarhorn quest will have to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version to play the game. But faith lies in positivity as this will direct the players to jump onto the current generation access to, use the fresh materials and also it affords the ability to be with the remaining characters as you get an attachment with the characters when you are fully concentrated into the game.

The data for PS3 will not transfer to PS4 so you require to keep in mind that if you decide to upgrade, then you have to stay in the same family of system’s for the guardians to be maintained.

Although this news will let down the Destiny fans, but this is also true that Bungie has already given the forewarning plenty of times that support was going to be coming to end. And also studio has already given year 2’s moments of triumph an early end to the system from the old generation. And not only this developers themselves went to announce that legacy consoles would be losing Trials of Osiris, Iron banner and access to live events after sometime in the month of August.

This does not mean that Destiny fans will not be able to take on the game anymore, it is just that guardian’s on previous generation should, however expect a marked difference in the game experiences as they will choose to stick it out from the older systems as the characters will be progressing separately on the legal counsels and on the latest hardware.
The new update 2.3.1 has gone viral and the devotees who wish to check out can do so, that too here only.

“Destiny” is instantly available for PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Also its rise of iron expansion will drop on September 20, 2016 only for PS4 and Xbox One.

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