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Charging your phone wrong?

You must be having its hack partners around you, but not to worry, you are genuinely starting to put this into your practice on a daily basis. Everyone uses smartphone now, and everyone must have learned about the spiel about how you should let your device move on till the power is out and then deciding to charge.

This particularly is applied to iPhones because battery gets terrible tin them sometimes. This is not advisable as per Battery University.

Instead of letting power out you should charge your mobile at various intervals throughout the daytime. But some people believe that this is the wrong way of treating your phone’s battery life. But actually this is the best direction which I have found.

Obviously, charging the battery at short-short intervals keeps the battery good as well as in form. In fact, there is no demand to fully charge your battery as the high voltage power may also drain the battery.

Our phone’s battery is sensitive to the stress which puts pressure on it, if there is high potential difference. All, thus you may find odd, but the fact is that it is genuine.

One of the biggest mistake made by people is that they hold their phones on charging at night when they are going to sleep in the hope of getting a full battery charging till morning. But this damages your ‘s battery if it is held open on charging even if it is fully charged. This is because the chemistry of the battery is altered.

Granting to the facts to be here, if your phone is kept on charging after its whole capacity, then it causes it to remain at high stress.

So, the rule you should be applying is: when battery is fully charged remove the battery from the charging device. This will be like “generating the fresh breath after deep inspiration”.

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