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China bans iTunes and iBooks; huge loss of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. and China’s relation seems to have had their time as China bans iBooks and iTunes all across the country. What is shocking is that they were introduced in the Republic of China just six months earlier. As the reports suggest, the step might just have been taken in pressure created by various publication houses, press and television demanded Apple to be banned. Six months earlier Apple Inc. moved into China with iTunes and iBooks with the approval from the Chinese government.

With regards to the sudden turn of events, an Apple Inc. spokesperson has stated that Apple Inc. is looking forward to device ways to bring iTunes and iBooks to the people of China. Apple products are very popular in China and as it turns out the decision to ban iTunes and iBooks could hit Apple Inc gravely in their quest to expand their hold on the Chinese market. China is the second largest market for Apple Inc. after the United States.

Apple Inc. announced in the month of February that they have pushed through Apple Pay to the people of China. Many people were considering this as a major victory for the Cupertino based Tech Company. The banning of iTunes and iBooks will even the game for Apple Inc. at least for the time being until they find out ways to move in the products into China again.

Apple in a private statement said, “You can now support Apple Pay for your customers in China, providing an easy, secure, and private way for them to pay using their China UnionPay credit and debit cards. Apple Pay lets users buy physical goods and services within your app without having to enter payment or contact information.”

This is not the first time when China has had a crack on the American Tech companies. This was possibly spurred by the rumors stating that the United States Government was using technology to spy including their own citizens.

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