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China Shutdowns Apple Online Book & Movie Services

China has banned the various services such as Online books and movie services from Apple, in order to monitor and control the distribution of online content in the country. Yes, the country has banned the above mentioned services within just 6 months after the launch of these services. 

Initially the Apple has completed all the paper works required to launch the services in the country. But, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has banned the service in the country, and as of now, it is considered as the temporary closing of the services. Apple Inc has mentioned that it hopes that everything will come back to normal and the services will be re-launched as soon as possible.

As mentioned above, it’s been only six months since the launch of services and in the short span of time, Apple is facing its worst times in the China. As an effect of the ban, those people who’re trying to access the services are getting error messages as “Unusable” in Chinese language.

The reason behind the scene is still unclear, and due to the ban of Apple services, the shares fell around 29cents and reaches $105.68 last Friday. This is not the first ban of Apple services in China, before this, Apple has faced serious issues in the country regarding the sales of iPhones and also during the launch of iPhones too. The problem between the Chinese government and Apple started with the sales of iPhone 3GS itself. After that, the company also stuck with a deal with China’s biggest mobile carrier to sell its iPhones. Apart from those events, even at the launch of iPhone 6, Apple faced a temporary ban for release of the device.

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