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Chrome all set for new page compression algorithm, Brotli

Google Inc. has announced that its browser, Chrome will get faster and better with the upcoming update. The update is due to come in some time and will certainly make the browser speed much faster that what the users experience at this point. The officials believe that with the update in place, the users who currently use Google Chrome will be able to load heavier websites at ease.

According to the reports, the new update that is due to be released sometime soon, will follow Google’s new algorithm that will reduce the page load time. This will be achieved by data compression. The new algorithm, named Brotli, is expected to reduce the size of the loading page approximately by 26%, when compared to Google’s current page compression tool, Zopfli.

The announcement was made in a Google+ post, by the company’s lead engineer of the task, Ilya Grigorik. The post clearly stated that the new algorithm is due to be received by the browser, in its next update. Brotli, on the other hand was announced by Google in the month of September last year.

Google has made Brotli an open source product, which means that any competitor will be able to use in its browser. Some individuals are slightly confused about the move as this makes Chrome’s nearest competitor Mozilla’s Firefox is quite an advantageous position. Let alone Firefox, the code can be used by other browsers like Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.

Google of late has added quite a few features that are aimed at improving the speed of the browser. The main aim is to provide the users with a faster browsing experience. Google’s current version of Chrome intentionally clears of memory as and when any page goes idle. If Brotli actually works out, Chrome might just take a huge leap in the market, as it will mean less data expense for users with limited data plans.

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