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Cleveland Clinic prepares for US’ first ever uterus transplant to fight infertility

Who does not want to taste the joy parenthood? A few mothers are blessed with easy motherhood while others have to face the severe complication. Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has contributed a new hope by transplanting uterus for such would-be mommy who is either missing uterus by birth, or has lost the organ in disease or damage.

The new medical facility for the uterus transplant is now available in the United States. Women combating with UFI (Uterine Factor Infertility) problems can now be the recipients of their own child. As Dr. Tommaso Falcone points out that besides adoption and surrogacy, which also give the opportunity to enjoy the motherhood, Uterus transplantation is a new idea for those women who have been hesitant with logistical challenges or not being able to accept the previous medical facility due to the cultural, legal or the personal reasons.

Moreover, bearing a child is itself an experience which women carve to enjoy the pangs of motherhood, such as, morning sickness, swollen feet and the backaches. This project now to be held in the United States has already been tested in Sweden in 2014 around nine times and has shown amazing results.  Hence, doctors are pretty confident in launching this scheme in the States now.

“Study participants will also benefit from the full support of a team of Cleveland Clinic doctors, psychologists, social workers, patientadvocates and bioethicists,” notes Dr. Flyckt.

The problem of the infertility has never been a negligible figure in the United States as the unofficial reports claim that nearly 6.7 million women ages from 15 to 44 are suffering from infertility problems. The Cleveland Clinic is testing this experimental goal with 10 healthy women suffering from UFI who are desirous to take up the challenge.

“The exciting work from the investigators in Sweden demonstrated that uterine transplantation can result in the successful delivery of healthy infants,” says Cleveland Clinic lead investigator Andreas Tzakis, MD.
Nevertheless, if one is thinking that the uterus transplant is going to be helpful for the entire lifetime, then this is a wrong perception. Patients can bear maximum two children considering safety measures. Furthermore, the women undergoing such transplantation may have to undergo through complex protocol. The first protocol begins with the egg fertilization in the laboratory.

Obviously, women will have to go for the IVF (In-Vitro-fertilization). As far as the donors are concerned, the organ is extracted from the deceased woman and once the donor is found, it will be transplanted into the pelvis of the recipient within six to eight hours.

The surgery will take around a year to heal off. Besides considering the fact, the surgery would bring hope to the lives of many people, it is also clear that the medical operation is not completely risk free. The patient might have to go through a couple of surgeries during the pregnancy.

Thus, Uterus transplant is the “life enhancing” treatment. For the recipient women, Dr. Tristi W. Muir, chair of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Huston Methodist Hospital, says that it is the “miracle of the birth”, as the medical innovations has blessed many women without a uterus with the miracle of enjoying the parenthood, yet “the dream does not always have a happy ending”.

The research says that less than 50% of women have successfully procured their dream while the cost of planning for this dream is tremendously high.

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