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Comcast expands 300GB data cap plan to 8 more cities

Comcast, the internet service provider planning to expand their business in eight new cities of USA. The company who brought cords and cables to provide the high speed web service already started their bandwidth testing in 3 cities. Engadget reports, those cities internet users will receive a XFINITY data plan that caries 300GB monthly limit and a $10 per 50GB extra usage. Moreover, the company also decided to grow their network in many other cities. They even listed 15 more cities in the press release. The listed cities include Chattanooga, Greenville, South Carolina, Galax, Virginia, Shreveport, Arkansas, Little Rock, Tennessee, Charleston, Johnson City, Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Houma and Louisiana.

According to the press release, Comcast subscribers can avail 300GB monthly XFINITY internet service in the beginning of December. Although, we had XFINITY internet services that limited for 40GB minimum. The new 300GB monthly plan doesn’t impact on charges. If you are not sure about the monthly data usage or want to know more about data usage, just access usage meter to manage and track the history.

If you are signed up for a 300GB monthly plan, the XFINITY team will notify on every data usage via emails or text messages. On the other end, the company also provides a unique tool to calculate the data usage. So that, you can easily manage data usage according to your needs. The main pros in a data cap program are heavy data usage that leads to pay extra.

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