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Cornell Publishes Brand New Research on Silicon Wafer Production

Electronics industry might go through a major change in production as researchers at Cornell have published a brand new research that could revolutionize the entire industry. The professors researching quantum dot solids have pioneered the crystal structure that can be used as silicon wafer in the future.

This 2-d structure could easily charge transport and localization in coherent quantum solids which arranged so form a superlattice like structure that is similar to the semiconductors used in electronic devices.

This generation’s silicon wafer can be produced using this dot silicon research and thereby creating a whole new era of communication as it did 60 years ago. The lead of the research Mr. Hanrath (Associate Professor) said,

“It’s the equivalent of saying, ‘Now we’ve made a really large single-crystal wafer of silicon, and you can do good things with it,’ referencing the game-changing communications discovery of the 1950s. “That’s the good part, but the potentially bad part of it is, we now have a better understanding that if you wanted to improve on our results, those challenges are going to be really, really difficult.”

He also thanked Cornell Center for Materials Research and said that they also hope that electronics could now be made using crystals made out of crystals.

We would like to know your point of view on this electronics research that could make your devices like the devices you see in those sci-fi movies. The new silicon wafer will emerge from quantum dot solids.

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