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Dad’s heroics with the gun saved his ‘brain dead’ son’s life

A father does everything in his grasp to protect his children. It doesn’t matter, whether he blessed with a son or daughter. Mankind was the witness to one such incident, where a father believed that his ‘brain dead’ son has a chance to live.

In January, George Pickering III, son of George Pickering II was declared brain dead due to a major stroke. The medical experts left all hopes on him, but George Pickering II (father) decided to handle with his own hand. For the purpose, he marched into Tomball Regional Medical Center with a gun. When police arrived, the father lost his control and threatened hospital staff in a locked room for an hour.

Pickering says,

“They were saying he was brain dead, he was a vegetable,”
The health officials at Tomball Regional Medical Center ordered a ‘terminal wean’. ‘Terminal Wean’ is a process, where an individual life put to an end by slowly removing his life support.They even informed organ donation organization about George Pickering III as a donor. When all of this was going through, George Pickering II believed that his son still has a chance to live.

Probably, George Pickering II ensured that his son will get an extra hour of life support. As a result, George Pickering III is still alive and in a healthy state.

A few months back, he has been charged with two main acts. For his aggregated assault with a weapon, George Pickering II was sentenced to jail. After spending many months in the jail, Pickering returned back home in December. Due to his son’s medical condition, George Pickering II breaks all law. At last, father surrended and police took him to custody.

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