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Don’t Buy iPhone 5s: 8 Reasons Not to Buy iPhone 5s Right Now

Apple iPhone 5s, the solid 4 inch screen device and also the most attractive device from the Cupertino giant. The price of the device reduced abruptly, as Apple has released its new flagship model iPhone SE. Now, People are looking to buy an iPhone 5s and also want to enter into the world of Apple. But, it would not be a wise choice to buy iPhone 5s now and here, I shared 8 reasons, why you should not buy the device now. 

Longevity of Hardware: Few weeks back, Apple has disclosed that hardware components of Apple device will last for 3 years, on average. In terms of Apple iPhone 5s, this will be one of the major fact, which will prevent one to buy the device. iPhone 5s released in 2013, September i.e., approx three years and buying a three year old model will not be a wise decision for anyone to opt for. Apart from this, the hardware present in the device will be very older, when compared to the current technologies implemented in smartphones.

No Longer Flagship Model: iPhone 5s is considered as a budget mobile as of now. After the release of the device, Apple has released three more models and as a result, the device is considered as a budget device only. As of now, one can get the iPhone 5s for a very low price, and even they can get for free of cost, by opting contract for two years.

No Longer Available in Apple Website: Similar to iPhone 4s, Apple has removed the device in its Apple Store website. From this, we can judge that Apple has stopped the support for the device. Buying iPhone 5s from third-party e-commerce website will not be a wise decision to carry-out in the current smartphone market.

4-inch display: After Samsung has released their phablet-sized devices in the market, devices with smaller screens lost their fame and reputations. Moreover, Apple has released iPhone SE to change the trend, but in-turn, the sale of the device is not much as expected. When a large screen device such as Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 edges are trending in the market, buying an iPhone 5s with 4 inch display will not be a wise choice.

A7 Processor and 1 GB RAM: In the current smartphone market, quad-core processor battles are currently occurring. But, iPhone 5s comes with Dual-core 1.3 GHz, powered with only 1 GB of RAM, which might lag, when opening current high-memory consuming applications. For the price of iPhone 5s, one can buy Xiaomi Mi5 with the same price range with Snapdragon 820 quad core chipset.

1.2 Mega-pixel secondary camera: Even though, iPhone 5s comes with 8 mega-pixel of primary camera, it comes with only 1.2 mega-pixel of secondary camera, which is quite disappointing. The secondary camera performance is quite low, in terms of low light and also in indoor lighting.

1560 mAh Battery: Apple has already started to improve the battery capacity of the device, and also implemented improved battery in iPhone 6s and iPhone  6s Plus. When compared to those devices, the battery capacity of iPhone 5s is very poor in performance.

Lesser Inbuilt Memory: The device offers very lesser internal memory. When compared to iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s come with double the memory capacity of iPhone 5s. iPhone 5s available till 64 GB variants only, whereas iPhone 6s comes with 128 GB variants.

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