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Duckbilled dinosaur or Superduck is herbivores that lived on earth 79 million years ago

The Montana State University professor is so happy to uncover a duckbilled species, which was found in the Judith river formation, Montana. In a recent research, it confirms that duckbilled dinosaurs were lived 79 million years ago. The paper published in the PLOS ONE stats, this giant creature brought an evolutionary change from the duckbilled ancestors.

A few years ago, Freedman Fowler (Paleontologist) removed mud from the bed earth. The site was located in north central Montana, where he found the duckbilled dinosaur fossil.

The recreated image of the fossil clearly shows the view of duckbilled dinosaurs. A team of researchers stats, the evolutionary species seem to be herbivores.

According to the Jack Honer (Montana State University Panleontologist),

“It is confirmation that Dr. Freedman Fowler is an excellent paleontologist, helping further cement MSU’s reputation for offering graduate students a chance to be part of something extraordinary”.
They like to name the newly discovered species as “Probrachylophosaurus bergei” or “Superduck”, said Jack Honor and Fowler. It also confirms that, Superduck will have a missing link with the Acristavus, which walked on earth 81 million years ago. In a a quick look, Probrachylophosaurus bergei crest is smaller and got triangular shape. If you put together Aristavus and Probrachylophosaurus bergei, both the discovered skull bones are much similar to one another.

Liz Freedman Fowler says,

“It’s always exciting to have a new species of dinosaur. What’s most exciting about this one is that it’s showing the process of evolution in action and that’s what makes this is a very special new animal,”

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