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England’s Forgotten Diseases of the Victorian Period on the Rise Again

There was a time in the history of Great Britain when it suffered from innumerable diseases that lead to innumerable deaths every year. The Victorian Period saw the rampant growth of diseases like Tuberculosis, Scurvy and Scarlet Fever and the fatality rate was very high as well.

According to the recent reports, expects believe that such diseases that were literally forgotten by Great Britain is slowly and steadily finding its way back. The 19th Century saw the disastrous effects of the diseases, while the land around London and the nearby counties suffered.

The diseases also seemed to have impacted quite a few underdeveloped or low level developing nations. The worst thing about the diseases is the fact that they spread at a great rate and are also helped by the lack of attention put in by the individuals. According to the reports, diseases like Tuberculosis, Scurvy and Scarlet Fever are aided by acts of migration, malnutrition among citizens, poverty and the lack of healthcare care services.

Individuals are worried that the resurgence of such diseases in England is not at all a good sign. Some believe that the increasing poverty in the nation is one of the primary reasons for it. According to statistics, malnutrition in England has increased by approximately 51% in the past 5 years.

There have been increased cases of Tuberculosis, whooping couch in Birmingham, as stated by Chris Mould, Chairman of Trussell Trust, an NGO arranges for food banks throughout the nation. He also stated that “We meet families from across the U.K. struggling to put enough food on the table and, at the extreme end; you get people who are malnourished.”

England saw the highest number of Scarlet Fever cases in the year 2014, since 1960. Even the rate for Scurvy is up by 38% in 113 patients per 100,000 individuals. Standing with the current pace, doctors believe that it might just not be far when England will face an imminent threat from the diseases.

The increasing rate of poverty in the land is considered to be one of the primary reasons for the burst of the diseases. The people are malnourished and not in a situation where in they can help themselves. Migration is also one of the important reasons. It’s important to keep up the pace with the modern technologies and medical science and take steps to put an end to this spread before it engulfs the nation just as it happened during the Victorian period.

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