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Evolve Stage 2 release and it’s free to play

Evolve has probably turned its luck upside down by going free to play. According to the statistics, many new players have enrolled for Evolve this year. It seems that with the release that went through yesterday, the influx might just have happened. Yesterday, Turtle Rock released Stage 2. The game is a free to play version and has many added features. Stage 2 has evolved progression systems and mechanics, adding the much needed twist. The sad part is that Stage 2 is currently only available for the PC.

According to the reports, with the release of Evolve Stage 2, the numbers of players have increased. The newly added members in the family have taken the game up to the 17th position on Steam’s top 20 most played games. Last we check in, Evolve Stage 2 was sitting heavy at the 13th Position with the current players’ number around 25,133 slightly less than the peak for the day at 25,167.

What is interesting is the fact that Evolve was finding it very hard to reach the numbers of 1000 concurrent player all through the year 2016. The very day before the launch of Stage 2, the peak number of concurrent players for Evolve was a meagre 157. Many people believed that for the game to go high and make a solid base for itself, it needed a free to play version. Well, it seems that the results are pretty clear.

Well, there is still one doubt. Will the growth that the game has seen; with the release of Stage 2; last? Even in the past, people have gone on to play the game, but left being sad about the gameplay, the plot changes and a number of other issues. Well, we will have to wait and see how the stage 2 of the game turns out with its free to play feature.

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