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The fascinating conjugation of Venus, Mars, Moon and Jupiter this week

Explore the fascinating celestial alignment made by Jupiter, Venus, and Mars and Crescent moon this week.  The extravaganza of starlight has already begun and the first show buzz was on 6th November. The favorable weather on the Southeastern skies on the November 6th and the November 7th was an occasion to witness the spectacular scene in the pre-dawn hours.

However, on the 7th of this month, these four sisters seemed to clamp together in a small section of the sky, but the strange occurrence of coming together of Venus, Jupiter, Mars along with the Moon will be clearly visible for people who do not own sophisticated gadgets to adore such rare happenings in the sky by Saturday.

The mesmerizing glamour of the Jupiter would seem fairly bright occupying the left space in the sky, positioned just above the Crescent moon. These two luminous Planets will be as close as less than 3 degrees.

Furthermore, the weekend is going to be extremely lustful and romantic for stargazers.  The three cosmic planets, including the Venus, Jupiter and Moon are going to cluster at one place, making an alignment where the Venus will be positioned at the right side forming an iconic picture. The Mars taking the leap appears slightly dimmer than the above three and would appear with a reddish hue.

Nevertheless, as the night will deepen; the Planets are expected to come a bit closer, as the Venus would situate more closely, less than two degrees and glimmer over the Venus and the Moon. The expected density of the brightness is nearly 1/250 intensity of the Venus.  The period says that, if one considers checking the alignment on Saturday sunrise, one might see the neat alignment of the Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

These phenomenal occurrences only happen after every 500 years, so don’t miss the chance. Previously, it was observed during the 561 BC and it is expected to happen by the year of 2854. The beautiful conjugation of the four planetary stars is a delightful cosmic dance for the stargazers.

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