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Federal Agencies to investigate Artificial Turfs for links to Cancer

Three federal agencies have been handed the authorization to investigate the potential health hazards that are associated with artificial turfs. The artificial turfs have taken its place in most of the grounds all over the United States including playing turfs for children as well. Authorities are fearful of the fact that there might just be some link of the artificial turfs used and cancer. Considering the fact that they are used in the plying turfs for children as well, one must take a good look at the potential health hazards that it has.

The artificial turfs are made of recycled rubber tires and are extensively used for various playing stadiums. They are the alternatives to the natural grass that we have been more accustomed to in our days. The modern day artificial turfs provide year long tenure, asking less effort to maintain the ground. In addition, they also provide a possibly better cushioning and traction for the athletes.

But, there is no precise evidence stating that the turfs made out of crumpled, recycled rubber is safe and does not have any potential health hazard. On the other hand, a soccer coach from the University of Washington has put through a list that might just have linked the artificial turfs to Cancer. The list contains the names of the young players who were regular with artificial turfs and are now suffering from cancer. There are approximately 200 players on the list and majority of them are either defenders or goalkeepers, who spend most of their training time on the ground.

According to the reports, Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Consumer Product Safety Commission will take a look at the artificial turfs and analyze the potential links that it has to Cancer and various other health hazards. Nobody would want their kids to grown up playing on turfs that are potentially very dangerous for their health.

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