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Game of Thrones Season 7: Here is What We Can Expect From Game of Thrones Season 7

We all faced the overwhelming end of the season 6 of Game of Thrones last week and now, we are bound to wait for another ten months to know what will actually happen. But that just doesn’t stop the internet from not having speculations about the allegedly next two seasons and what have we got in the store for our fans. We all know, how much we want this show to run, but D&D explains that the next two seasons will just abbreviate the 13 to 15 hours happenings left in all the Seven Kingdoms. So here’s our take on a few predictions of the next season. Let’s pick up where we left off. The finale episode of the season 6 ended with Dany sailing with her iron fleet all the way to King’s Landing to take over the iron throne from Cersie. So does she get to be the one who will kill Cersie? Or her journey will be delayed by Euron Greyjoy, who is after her offering her to be his bride and kill Yara and Theon? All book readers know one thing for sure and we would like to spill the beans on the killing of Cersie theory. According to the book, she will die at the hands of “valonqar”, which is the High Valyrian word for “little brother.” I know what you are thinking. From the looks exchanged between Jaime and Cersie, when she boastfully gave an icy look meaning, “I’d do anything for the throne” makes you think it will be Jaime, who will be doing the honor of being a “valonqar”. Because, let’s admit it. We all liked Jaime better, when he was far away from Cersie and we would want him to be the little brother. But let’s not forget that there is actually a little brother’s existence, yes, Tyrion.

Coming to Arya Stark, who has marked her return powerfully by delivering pie of Frey. We all loved that scene as she avenged what happened in the same room to her mother and her brother. So, will she go on with her list? Most probably so, let’s hope.

We are left to wonder what has happened to Pod and Brienne, when they escaped out through the tunnel in a row boat, Jaime sees this, doing nothing. Will their paths cross again? If, Brienne is marching towards North to serve Sansa, will she run into Arya Stark? We wish they find some room in Season 7’s early episodes.

We are all happy from our hearts regarding the Starks mini reunion. But we cannot take our mind off the face what Little Finger has finally admitted to what he really wants and with whom. Yet again, Sansa is probable to make a mistake by hiding this to Jon. As long as she hides it for the well being for him and to kill Baelish, then it is fine with us. Also, we are hoping for Jon to find out about his father, but with a twist of Dany isn’t being his aunt but a cousin. But, who is to say? But then for him to know, Bran must be back home soon, which we assume could take longer as it took three seasons for him to become a gifted person of visiting the past. This is Game of Thrones where our predictions are subjected to being awry. We all cannot wait for the happy all-Starks reunion.

Finally, the whole show is about the battle between the White Walkers and the human-wildlings. The Night’s King would make a move to tumble down the wall and make the winter battle which will definitely be should show in Season 7.

Leave in the comments about what are your predictions of this favorite show of ours.

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