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Gaming accessories for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U for this holiday season

Having a gaming console is such a feeling that only the gaming geeks will understand. Things get more exciting when you have your holidays and there are innumerable choices to choose from, when it comes to the games you want to play on your console or the package that you want to subscribe to for the holidays.

You might just well own an Xbox, a PlayStation or a Wii U, but still might just be confused about the games that are the best in the category of your liking, the accessories that you need, etc. Here is a short list of the accessories that you can purchase during the holidays.

Gaming accessories for PlayStation
Nyko Data Bank: Nyko Data Bank is the gadget to have if you own a PlayStation. PlayStation 4 in reality plays slightly tough on the Hard Drives as the connection is not found to be as required. The Nyko Data Bank makes this issue vanish and now you can easily increase the memory and download as many games as you want. The approximate price of the data bank is around $40.

DualShock 4 Charging Dock and Thumb Grip Covers: Considering the small charging wire available with PlayStation 4, it is recommended that you get a charging dock for yourself. You should also get a thumb grip cover, if you plan for extensive hours of gaming and wish that your consoles thumb grips stay intact after the holidays.

Gaming accessories for XBox
Kinect: Kinect is something that you must have if you want to make the gaming experience fruitful. Kinect allows you to control your Xbox with your voice commands, which makes navigation, extremely easy. Kinect will cost you only $99 but will certainly take your gaming experience to another level altogether.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller: The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is certainly one of the must have Xbox accessories. The controller is one of a kind that actually allows you to make and adjust new triggers and much more. All of it just comes at a cost of $150.

Gaming accessories for Wii U
External Hard Drive: This might just sound a bit ridiculous to you, but this is certainly the primary thing that you need. Nintendo’s Wii U comes with a memory of just 32 GB, which is certainly not even close to enough.

Wii U Pro Controller: There are many games in Wii U that requires a  Wii U Pro Controller. It will provide you with the edge that is required to experience the games.

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