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Global Warming and Heat concerns rise: Report suggests

Global Warming and the increasing Heat is something that has been haunting the United Nations and various climate bodies all over the world. As it seems, one of the largest democracy has also had a say in this. According to the reports, the percentage of conservative republicans who believe the fact that Global Warming and Heat has taken on the Earth at a very high scale, has grown by approximately 20% in the last two years. Well, this sounds slightly intriguing.

According to a national survey organized by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication, more that 75% of the registered voters of the nation believe that Global Warming has already taken a lot of toll on the world. The increasing heat is only going to affect the world badly enough beyond our thoughts.

What is quite intriguing is the fact that off the voters surveyed in the program; approximately 56% of them believe that Global Warming is an effect of various human interventions with nature. It is the human actions that have led to this globally increasing heat, temperatures and thus Global Warming.

The report states that, “Republicans are not a monolithic block of global warming policy opponents, rather, liberal (and) moderate Republicans are often part of the mainstream of public opinion on climate change, while conservative Republicans’ views are often distinctly different than the rest of the American public.”

The survey also brought out some dreadful facts. According to one stat, only 16% of the voters are actually aware of Global warming and the increasing heat. On the other hand, 26% of the republicans believe that the climate is changing, but they are not certain of the fact that it is human actions that are contributing to it. The gaps present in the society are quite frightening.

There are quite a few goods things that have come out of the survey as well. The reports suggest that approximately 84% of the voters believe that we should shift to renewable sources of energy. Out of this 75% are republicans. Quite a percentage of the individuals also believe that Carbon Tax should be levied on fossil fuels.

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