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Gogo 2Ku In-Flight WiFi to provide seven times better internet speed

Internet is such a necessity nowadays, that it ought to be present everywhere you go. This is exactly the reason why, Chicago based internet service provider Gogo is gearing up to provide better internet connectivity for Airline services. Gogo is all set to launch its service 2Ku, where in the customers will be subjected to at least 7 times better internet speed and quality compared to the one that is available to them now.

Gogo has already tested the service recently in a series of Boeing 737 flights over a period of time, where internet service provider allowed a much better internet service for the customers. According to the reports, the service will be launched commercially for all the major airline service providers in a few months or so. Gogo’s new technology directly uses satellites and onboard antennas to provide the customers with a better bandwidth on the flight. The results suggest that each and every plane will approximately get internet on board at a speed about 70 MBPS.

Gogo already powers approximately 65% of the North American airlines, where in the new technology will be initially taken. The issue will be when a lot of devices on board will be connected to the Internet. But it seems that Gogo’s new technology will take care of it as direct communication with the satellite will provide better service as the efficiency is much better when it comes to keeping stable connection.

Gogo has moved up to satellites and antennas as the wireless spectrum that it own is too less compared to the other giants in the field. Gogo owns only 3 MHz compared to Verizon’s 30 MHz. the antennas and the satellites will allow Gogo to overcome the limitation posed by the small spectrum and help in providing the passengers with much improved internet service on planes.

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