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Google Apps (GApps): How to Download Google Apps (Gapps) for Marshamallow and Lollipop

Nowadays, most of the Android users were not using Google stock applications such as Google NewsStand, Google Movies and other applications. So that, most of the custom ROMs available on the Internet doesn’t come with those Google Applications, and the size of the ROM will be minimized. 

Generally, Google Apps are the pre-defined stock application that comes with the Android operating system. Also, due to various licensing issues, CanogenMod and other few Mods doesn’t include stock application such as Google Play Store, Gmail and other Google applications.

The GApps will differ based upon the architecture of the processor. Generally, GApps available in three different versions viz., ARM64, ARM and x86. ARM64 is the 64 bit chipset incorporated device, ARM represent 32 bit devices and x86 represent devices with Intel chipset.

There are different type of Google Apps available in the market, depends upon the necessity, one can download GApps from the below list.

Pico Google Apps
This is the minimalist version of Google Apps, which include only Google Playstore and Google Play Services access. This is a very important package for your device, if you want to download applications from the Google Play Store

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