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New Google Maps update lets users label places with colorful “Location Stickers”

The search engine giant Alphabet, Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), formerly Google Inc, has come up with some pretty additions to Google Maps. Recently, Google Maps comes with a new update which allows the users to label any of the location with their nicknames, and lets them to search without any hassles. In addition to the label, now Google allows the users to include whimsical sticker icons to notify their locations. 

Google Maps is one of the most popular mapping application in this world and around billions of users were using the application for referring various places. The application offers tons of various upgrades for the users and also offers best navigation system as of now. The update will offer stickers, which lets the users to easily track of their current position with stickers.

By updating Google Maps, the users will get to their places very quickly and also get updated traffic information directly in Google Now. The most interesting part is that, one can opt for various icons such as a castle, dragon and other stickers, if they want to use any other icon instead of stock home icon for their home location.

In addition to this, there are many colorful options available for the application for locations such as workplaces such as windmills and also a skyscraper. Totally, there are 25 different options are available for home location and 13 different options available for workplace icon. In order to change the icon, the user needs to tap the existing icons to use the existing icons in the updated application.

In the meantime, it is unknown that why the application is limited to the Android operating system and why the same is not available for other platforms. It is highly anticipated that the update will soon arrive for other operating systems such as iOS, Windows and other leading platforms. Also, other than home and workplace, if other locations such as gym, friend’s location and other favorite hotel might also to be added in the application for improving ease for the users.

This is not the first time that Google has updated its Google Maps for better features. Previously, the company has updated the application for Night-view mode and also upgraded various features for better usability. Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates on Google Maps.

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