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Google Play: Finally Started Supporting Promo Codes For Apps and Games

This year, Google has stepped into a new plan of marketing the applications in the Google Play Store. Yeah, it started supporting promo codes while purchasing the Games / Application in the store. 

Recently, Google announces that Developer can have a privilege of offering their Games / Application at a discounted rate or for free of cost. While compared to other platforms, promo codes are not a new one. Apple started offering promo codes right from the year of 2014.

But as of now, Google Play started offering the same for their developers. In order to keep the applications more alive than previous, Google came up with a new plan of offering promo codes in the Google Play. For those people who doesn’t like buying the application by spending a few dollars, announcement of promo codes will be a godsend.

Google says,

“Promo codes let you give content or features away to a limited number of users free of charge. Once you create a promo code, you can distribute it subject to the terms of service. The user enters the promo code in your app or in the Play Store app, and gets the item at no cost,”

As of now, Google has provided permission for the developers to create 500 promo codes for each application that they have created. Each quarter, the count will be renewed and cannot carry forward to the next quarter. This allows the developers to create 2000 unique promo codes per year and allow them to distribute evenly. By default, the expiration period for the promo codes will be a year. It can be extended as per the developer’s wish.

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