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Google and Sony set to patent revolutionary smart contact lenses

What if someone told you that Google is trying to inject tiny lens into your eye? Well, this might just sound slightly silly with your state of mind but believe me this is really happening. According to the reports, Google is trying to patent an electronic lens that will be injected into the eye of an individual. To be true, this sounds like the beginning of an era where even cyborgs will not be a distant proposition.

Although many individuals are finding it slightly hard to digest, but according to Google the process is similar to retina transplant. In this case, it is going to be an electronic lens. They are just going to replace the natural lens with the electronic lens.

In a detailed elaboration of the process, Optometrists could cut out the natural lens with the means of surgery or some other means. Once the natural lens has been cut out, it can be easily removed through suction. Then one could inject a fluid with Google’s intra ocular device. On solidification, the devices would align themselves in a way to form a couple between the lens capsule and the electronic device behind it.

According to the tech giant, their product can help with various eye issues. The tech could easily result in return of eyesight for a blind individual. The technology could also be used to restore many degenerative eye related diseases.

On the other hand, Sony has also filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with a similar sort of eye lens. The lens that Sony has filed a patent for can easily take photos and capture videos of the beautiful sights that an individual sees. The lens has been designed in such a way that they can store the images and the videos as well as play them for the others.

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