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Google updated Maps and Local Search results for thanksgiving and other holiday season

Google, one of the largest tech giant updated its Maps and local searches for the upcoming holiday season. As we all know that, December is the month of celebration and most of the eCommerce websites bringing a bunch of discounts on their products. Google Maps is one part to check more detail of any online stores. Unlike previous year, Google Maps now includes “holiday hours” features for all retail stores.

Let’s say, you want to enjoy meals in a favorite restaurant. But you don’t know, whether it closed during the holiday season or not. To confirm the schedule of any business nearby, just search in Google search bar. Google maps and local search now results the holiday hour details of any established business. You don’t need to waste the time on their website or calls.

A couple of days ago, Jonathan Sidi (Google Maps and Local Search, Product Manager) stated, newly updated maps  bring details of store schedule, meaning and store closed or opened results of the next holiday season.

The search results now include a special portion below address that indicates a operating hours of the business such as “Christmas eve might affect these hours” or Chirstmas eve hours”. This new add-on is applied not only for the mobile users, but also for desktop search results. You can also search for any open business (Coffee shop, restuarent or stores) using open now filter. The new updated Google local search and maps are supported on every country. If you are a traveler or tourist, then updated Google Map application really going to help you in the journey.

Back in October, Google brought a similar kind of update on maps that carries traffic alerts in navigation for iPhone users. The users were able to know the detailed summary of traffic such as route condition, road accident and traffic condition.

According to the Search Engine reports, the business owners can manage their schedule or “special hours” in the administrator dashboard. The added business schedule will be updated in the local search results. If you need any help on special hours, a new helpline is added under Google’s My Business Help section.

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