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GoPro drops the price of HERO4 Session camera from $399 to $199

GoPro’s HERO4 Session camera is undoubtedly an awesome gadget and specially attracts the attention of everyone in the tech community, film makers and more. GoPro’s tiniest camera is now discounted at a more reasonable and affordable price of $199 only.

When GoPro released their tiny ice cube structured HERO4 Session camera in July this year, one wouldn’t think twice before giving it a pass which was then priced at $399. Let’s learn about some of its features. The Hero4 Session shoots video up to 1080p at 60 frames per second (fps). It also has many of the modes existing GoPro users will be accustomed to: 1440p (4:3) at 30 fps, 720p at 100 fps, 960p (4:3) and so on.

There is, of course, a notable absence of any 4K, or even 2.7K modes that we see on the Silver and Black edition Hero4 cameras. As for photos, the Session shoots in 8-megapixel wide-angle or 5-megapixel medium, with time lapse and burst modes (up to 10 photos per second). Another interesting thing that GoPro pulled off is that its size, which is approximately 50% smaller than that of HERO4 Black, waterproof and is about 40% lighter as well.

More goodies come along with this little devil and that is it can be submerged up to 33 ft (10 meters) in water without needing any external case. Inside that waterproof cube is a non-removable battery, a microSD card slot and a micro-USB port (rather than GoPro’s traditional mini-USB).

Let’s hear what GoPro’s Founder and CEO has to say about it.

“The waterproof HERO4 Session is so durable and easy to use… It’s the perfect way to capture rough-and-tumble family activities this holiday season. From snowball fights to snowboarding, the footage will look so immersive you’ll feel like you’re reliving the experience,” said GoPro’s founder and CEO, Nick Woodman. “I’m stoked that for just $199, everyone can GoPro this Holiday season.”

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