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HBO Game of Thrones S06E02 (Season 6 Episode 2) Download – A Different Story

Game of Thrones has become one of the more interesting TV series and HBO claims it as the most watched TV series ever in the history of the United States. Meanwhile, HBO is trying hard to stream the series outside the US as well.

But in some places people are not able to watch the GoT due to their own reasons. And, all we know is they are very desperate to find “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2” or “Game of Thrones S06E02” torrents from today onwards. This is called absolute piracy and the company, this year, has tried even harder to stop the piracy by raising DMCA takedown complaints on torrent sites and any piracy-related blogs which provide links to download the pirated videos and torrent links.

As we have stumbled on some of the “prominent” torrent sites, many searches related to Game of Thrones downloads are showing Take Down notices. This is a good sign for the TV industries, but they had spent a hefty dollars to find and take down such torrent links. Still, some blackhat forums have claimed that they have managed to hide from HBO and give out torrent links to users.

One of the sites “KickAss” is still providing the torrent downloads and we can see thousands of seeders and leechers for last episode – Game of Thrones S06E01. We recommend people to watch the Game of Thrones from official channel, or livestream on their website for free. People are also managed to use VPNs to access the live streaming in their countries, which is illegal.

Whatever HBO tries to do, the popularity of Game of Thrones is reached at its peak and people are trying every possible way to watch it as soon as it goes live in the US.

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