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Jailbreak iOS: Here is Why You Should Jailbreak

Jailbreak, one of the most anticipated things by the Apple fans and nowadays, it is becoming faded away from the minds of Apple fans. The golden era of Jailbreak seems to be over and the company is also resisting the process of Jailbreak by offering tons of software updates for their operating system. Here, I shared the top reasons why Jailbreak your iPhone is worthy and also why the same is looked by most of the people round the globe. 

Note: If anyone gives their stability and security level to get the new features from the company, then they are losing the chances of jailbreaking their device. The number of updates will be indirectly proportional to the chance of cracking your iPhone’s operating system.

Customization and Personalization of iOS look:
This is one of the foremost things that everyone needed for their iPhone device. If you’re customizing iOS look and feel, you won’t feel any difference between iOS and Android operating system. In terms of Android operating system, you can easily customization the look and feel of the operating system by installing some applications and lauchers. But, in terms of iOS, the case is totally different. Unless and until, you’ve done jailbreak your device, you can’t even change the font of the operating system. Once, you have done jailbreak, then you can easily break the pre-installed themes in the iOS device and apply new themes in your device.

There are number of applications are available in the market to change the look and feel of your iOS device. But, for that, you need to perform jailbreaking.

Adding additional features to the applications:
If you want to add additional features for any application such as adding PIN protection for any application or Touch ID, then you can easily perform those actions with the help of the jailbreak. Not only adding security to the applications, but also you can directly download various instagram photos directly to your iOS device with the help of jailbreaking. One more interesting part is that, you can even install File Manager in your device, if you’re jailbreaking your device.

Process of jailbreak will gives you an additional feature for your device, and also gives more tools to play with the applications that are installed in the device. Various features such as cleaning junk data and cache from the device will be very easy, if you’re performing jailbreak.

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Get rid of annoying restrictions:
The iOS devices come with lots of restrictions, when you’re buying it. Unlike Android operating system, you can’t change the default applications that need to opened to perform particular options. For instance, if you’re opening a link in your iOS device, automatically it will be opened in safari browser and also if you were opening a Map application, you cannot open Maps in other applications. By jailbreaking your device, you can get rid of all restrictions found in the device and also you can use whatever applications that you like. Most of the annoyances will be removed, if you’re jailbreaking your iOS devices.

Own tricks and Own hacks:
If you have already jailbreaked your iOS device, then it will be very easy for you to develop your own hacks for the iOS device. Jailbreaking will open many hidden features in the device and also will help you to dig the hidden treasures and resources in the device. If you’re technically strong, then you can easily develop application for the iOS by tracking down the control flow of the already installed application on your device.

Get more application on your device:
Once you have done jailbreaking, you can definitely install tons of applications that are available in the Internet. Even, you can install the application which is banned by Apple store in your device. There are hundreds of applications that are available outside app store, which are better in quality than other applications.

Then, what next? If you’re having iOS version before 9.2, then you can easily start jailbreaking your device. Else, you need to wait until next version of Jailbreak comes out.

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