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Emory or Gordan Hospital? The ratings for the public to decide their hospital

Is the hospital – Gordon in Calhoun, Georgia having population of 15,650 right place to send the patients having severe illness of the virus Ebola? If a horrific accident take place over there, should the ambulance head to the Northside Medical centre in Columbus which is of 100-bed?

Evaluations of the nearby hospital- The best among area hospitals who received 4 stars are Emory University on Clifton Road and Gwinnet Medical Centre in Lawrenceville. But on contrast 1 star was received by Wellstar Atlanta Medical Centre and Peidmont Henry hospital. The other nearby hospitals were also rated only 2 or 3 aces.

Do you think rating tell the whole impacted story of the things? I guess No. And here as well, CMS officially noted that ratings do not recite the whole story. Dr. Kate Goodrich, Director of CMS Centre for Clinical Standards and quality blogged saying that ratings reflects the routine maintenance for the average patient.

The ratings allow the public to pick out and understand a hospital grade based on the analysis of 64 quality measures. Certain specializations like cancer care as well as specialized and cutting edge care, that are only offered by some hospitals are not reflected in the ratings which shows the good quality , she said.

And at once comparing the factors of the edge card services which are not rated, with the ones which are 5 star rated like:

1. Northside Medical Centre, which do not even provide emergency services. The emergency and trauma patient are treated by the other hospital in Columbus – Midtown Medical which is rated just 2 stars.

2. Gordon Hospital, which is division of Adventist health system does not even offer the list of infectious disease specialist among its physicians.

Hence, resulting on to the fact that yes, ratings might be necessary, but only when the 64 measure quality analysis and evaluation of the hospitals are done properly.

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